Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr & Mrs Creepy Pants

I got a nice chunky stack of photos in the mail today. Some of them are absolutely lovely and will make outstanding leprechauns and fairy godmothers. Some of the people are absolutely stunning though I usually avoid buying photos of people who are too pretty. I prefer people who look like high school weirdos living 100 years ago. I like people with a bit of something extraordinarily ordinary about them.

Here are two characters in the lot that sort of give me the creeps. Although I'm not entirely certain why, I'm thinking it's the direct 'look into the camera' eyes. Usually people will be looking dreamily into the distance not giving a hypnotic stare.

I'm probably wrong but I can't help but think that they must have been kinda pervy or murderous... I'm sure I'm wrong ;)

Well, click on the images for a nice fat full res version you can use in your own making. I don't think I'll be using these folks myself. Hmmm, unless I do a Victorian murder series... which actually doesn't sound like such an awful idea.


  1. Ooo... they definitely give me the heebie jeebies although the woman is a bit more terrifying than the man.

    A victorian murder series could be fun and these two would certainly fit the part perfectly.

  2. A murder series sounds like it could be fun to put together. You should go for it.

  3. oh yeah that lady...totally the mayor of creepsville!!

  4. I think part of the creepiness is the fact that they look like floating heads!