Saturday, July 10, 2010

More small things

HO. LEE. SMOKES. I've been working like a crazy cat lady trying to update the Knickertwist's website. It's coming along but it's also taking ages upon ages.

I've been photographing little things to freshen up the place... gosh I'm lovin' small things at the moment.

Seriously, what the heck did I do before my digital camera? It wasn't that long ago that I was still putting film in a camera. When I think of all the $$$ I spent on film processing...

My kiddo was horrified when he saw me photographing that wee eggshell. He found it upon the lawn the other day (that lovely blue sticking out against the green green grass). Anyway, he was sure that I was going to claim it for my crafting stash. I guess he's had one too many marbles go missing for the sake of art :)