Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spooky Words for Halloweeny Inspiration

I have Halloween on the brain even more than usual at the moment. I've signed up for the Vintage Halloween swap on craftster.org and my mind is racing with all the crafting possibilities.

To get the juices flowing I typed up a list of Halloween-ish words on an old Underwood typewriter I bought last month. You can download the page and use it in your own crafting if you like.

*sigh* Nothing quite compares to old type.


  1. i have had Halloween on the brain lately too!!
    I have to say you are so nice for always sharing pictures, words, etc. I'm very envious of your awesome crafting abilities as well as all the other paper crafters on craftster. i really want to give halloween cards a try so thank you so so much for these!!!

  2. Computer fonts will never be the same as old typewritten font. Thank you for the lovely inspiration.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! =D

    Now I have a reason to look forward to going to work tomorrow night... access to a printer! XD

  4. I too have Halloween on the brain lately. I love strolling through the Halloween aisle at the craft store for endless inspirations. I have to agree, there's nothing like the type of a old typewriter.

  5. I love the type written words. I want a real typewriter badly, and now even worse. :)

    I completely have Halloween on the brain. I am planning to have a Halloween party this year and I am ready to start decorating now.

  6. I'm jealous of your stuff being ripe! =D

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my tomatoes & others goodies are soooo far behind this year, only to hear that apparently we're having a bee shortage. All the crops in our area aren't doing so hot, so I'm extremely thankful I at least have a little bit! I can't wait to make zucchini bread... Mmmmmmm...

    I am completely confident that you will grow most excellent pumpkins! They will be so successful, that you will have enough to decorate & your son will be able to sell the surplus! =D

    Here's to a wonderful harvest! ^-^


  7. These are wonderful!
    I wish I could have joined that swap! I have seen some great ones lately, but with all the things going on I don't have time to swap properly:(

  8. it's like you were reading my mind...i just finished sculpting some little halloween party girls and i really wanted vintage type to attach to them, and wah-lah... here it is!!
    would you mind if i used it for them?
    thank you sooooo much for sharing this. it's made my day!