Friday, August 27, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts...

While I work away on my messes I often pop in a movie to listen to while I work. This past week it was Amelie. Listening to the commentary was really interesting. Jeunet, the director, would point out where all the little inspirations came from... he had been collecting things he liked for years.

Here's Jeunet's short film "Foutaises (Things I Like, Things I Hate)" from 1989

Somewhere this past week, I heard someone say "Where your focus is, that is where your energy is directed". It's hard not to focus on the crappy stuff life hands us, the things that distract us from far better things. Negativity is a glutton that feeds on attention so I'm do my best to starve it.

Anyway, here's to placing focus on the good things, the little things that make us feel good and happy, moving on to grander things and collecting things you like :)