Monday, September 13, 2010

A new batch of houses.

I've finished a new batch of wee pixie houses. I think that the new rooves are more interesting and just might try to create the same sort of look on a larger doll house. What I really like is that they fit in to the wee natural places that inspire them. Those little places look like they belong on that old stump :)


P.S. Thanks for all the nice words about the thievery the other day. It looks like the entire tumblr account has been deactivated or else the gal removed it herself. I really do appreciate how sweet you folks are. You make it very hard to be a grump :)


  1. these are so adorable!! they really do look like they belong in the little nooks and crannys of trees and stones and what not!

  2. I love them! I love how tiny they all are!!

  3. I absolutely adore your pixie houses. ^-^
    They always perk me up. The roofs on these are wonderful & love how each is different & has it's own special little details. ^-^