Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tiny Bird Book

Made for the One Tiny Book Swap on craftster...

I made a second bird book at the same time which I'll toss on etsy in a few days.

P.S. For those of you magic makers out there, today is a good day for candle magic :)


  1. Wonderful wee book! I made a bird themed one too!

  2. Lovely book! And thanks for the sound advice :-)

  3. How awesome! Audio is going to love it :)

    (Hehe, and I found a bonus hint about my book from alwaysinspired! *Devious Grin*)

  4. Can i ask what do u do with them? Leave them outside so people can find them or what?
    Im very insterested in all of your magical point of view :D

  5. Noelia: I both sell and hide books. The books that I've hidden, I've waited for a particular moment and then just tucked them quickly somewhere... or even just dropped one on the ground where it might be found:) I really love the idea of someone finding a bit of magic.