Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Update on the Noise Thing

Before moving to this magnificent place of inspiration and fairy magic we endured months hell. Basically, we moved into our dream home, quickly discovered a neighbouring facility is making loads-o-noise, the city refused to do anything about it, and I was slowly driven crazy. While officials outright lied about the situation, company representatives said they could do as they pleased, and I was called a nut, a troublemaker and a drain on society.

Within seven months of the day we moved in, we put the house up for sale.

We moved on to bigger and better things, but for those who had to endure my ramblings I thought that perhaps you'd appreciate an update.

After conducting their own laughable noise study, city officials hired a real acoustic consultant to determine if I was a crazy lady or if there was something fishy going on. The findings? The noise, at it's peak, was compared to that of a Hercules, four-engine military aircraft flying over your house... for hours on end.

"... the eight-page noise study, completed by J.E. Coulter Associates Ltd. of Toronto, proved the neighbours right — the sound is at times 60-to-80 per cent over the acceptable level of noise.

You have no idea how happy I was to read that sentence in the local paper.

I just hope this means real, positive change for those still living there.

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