Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear and Loathing

Have I ever told you I hate the dentist?

I do.


I hate everything about the dentist; the smells, the sounds, the pain, the anxiety, the spit, the pressure, the pulling, the prodding, the chair, the magazines, the light, the xrays, the gleam of those horrible little instruments, and those disapproving little noises the dentist makes.

Hate. Every. Last. Bit.

My history with dentists is not a good one. I've had a number of experiences with them that I would classify as traumatic. Add the costs of dental care and Ta Da! You've got a gal who gets worked up over the mere thought of the dental chair.

It's been embarrassingly long since I've let one of those evil bastards near me but I'm finally going to get a load of work done this Friday. My kidlet has an appointment the same day and will brave those masochists simply with a smile. I, on the other hand, will be heavily sedated in another room to prevent my running out of the building in fear or biting the dentists finger clean off.

So, if it's quiet around here over the next wee while it's because I'm either busy working myself up into a anxious frenzy, in a fuzzy state from the drugs, or feeling sorry for myself as I recover from wisdom tooth removal.

Wish me luck! (I think I'll need it.)


  1. Oh dear, I hate the dentist (and really any other doctor visit) as well. Good luck!!

  2. Ask for laughing gas (if they offer it). It's worth every penny of the out of pocket expense. And take an iPod and some earphones so you can control what it is you're hearing. And take a creative concept that you've been wishing you had the time to sit down and think about then think on it to help you pass the time. Hang in there!

  3. I am also completely afraid of the dentist. I feel for you and wish you lots of luck and a healthy mouth. :)

  4. I dislike going to the dentist as well, but no longer fear it, as they gork me outta my mind on nitrous. I love it. No anxiety, no fear & as long as they hit me with two or three times the usual dose of numbing agent, no feeling either. o_O

    Best of luck with your appointment, and I hope it goes as un-traumatically as possible.

    Oh yes, and make sure they prescribe you GOOD DRUGS for afterward!!!


  5. Oh dear! Do I ever know what you mean! I've had 3 root canals and just had my latest one capped! The smell is always what gets me in that shaking, sweating, nervous mode. I even have to change my clothes when I come home to get that yucky dentist smell off of me! Wishing you loads of luck!

  6. I really don't like going to the dentist. I'm afraid of one. Just like you, I loathe being in a dentist's office.

    On the other hand, my sister doesn't have a problem visiting a dentist. It's no big deal for her. Recently, she got (Las Vegas) porcelain veneers and (Las Vegas) teeth whitening through her dentist. She got beautiful smile after doing so.

    Thanks for sharing, Knickertwist!