Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Cookie Monster

My husband goes crazy every year. He gets this strange gleam in his eye and a little twitch at the side of his mouth... he's thinking about the cookies. The first week of December he'll hand me a list of 25+ different types of cookies, with the name of the cook book and the page number beside each one. He puts little stars beside the ones he most wants. He's insane.

I usually make about 12 different types and get a load of grief about the ones that don't make it into the oven. I get even more grief if certain ones don't get made. Biscotti, shortbread, thumbprint, black diamonds, chocolate mocha truffles, rum balls are absolutely necessary in order to have a happy holiday (according to my husband). Sometimes I think I'll never hear the end about the one year made regular brownies dipped in chocolate rather than the "Black Diamonds" (really, they are practically the same damned thing).

The crazy has started again this year. I made homemade fruit cakes AGES ago and when I peeked at them the other day they looked, and smelled a total treat. Today I made these...

Lemon Baubles from Canadian Living magazine.  They are so super cute and are pretty yummy too. I just hope that all my cookies turn out as well or I'll have a crazy, angry cookie monster to contend with and very likely get blamed for ruining Christmas :) LOL


  1. Oooooo... You have a lucky hubby! =D

    Those lemon baubles look so tasty! I think I see some baking of my own in my immediate future... ^-^

  2. wow, 12 different types of cookies? you have me beat; I normally get maybe 4 or 5 if you include puffed wheat squares. This year it will be a lot less, I think not being able to eat the cookies is dampening my desire to bake.

  3. I'm surprised that years of cookie frustration haven't led Paul to the obvious solution: learn to bake his own cookies!

  4. Haha your hubby sounds a lot like my dad. As soon as Thanksgiving hits and we're baking pies, cookies is automatically brought up. Of course with dad it's not the number of kinds to bake, it's the amount to bake. So far this year he wants 30 dozen. I'm sure the number will go up the closer we get to the holidays.