Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dirty Secret

I'd like to share some pictures of my pretty Christmassy house.

Our mantle, lovingly decorated and waiting for three perfect furry red Christmas stockings to be hung with care on Christmas eve.

Our dining room where we'll have our Yule and Christmas and Boxing day feasts.

The pretty view from my kitchen where I keep an eye on the kids sledding down the toboggan hill.

Home made cookies...

there's even some dinosaur sugar cookies!

It's all quite wonderful, no?

The thing is, while there's all that pretty stuff there's also some of this going on...

dishes on the counter...

laundry begging to be done...

a desk full of projects...

runny, sticky jam...

that ruined my perfectly lovely sugar cookie Christmas trees...

Over the past few days I've been reading a lot of bloggers who are feeling overwhelmed at the mo' and I just wanted to say ... it's hard, I know, and I feel all that pressure too.

If you're feeling the holiday crazies over the next couple of weeks please try remember that it's ok not to be perfect... in fact, I like you better that way :)

Much love and big hugs to all of you!



  1. Your house looks beautiful. And you are absolutely right, perfection is not the goal. No stress, just happiness and love.

  2. Even your 'messes' look rather well put together... LMAO...

    But back to your point... ^_^

    It is our 'imperfections' that make us each perfect! I love all the pics & your house looks amazing! And I love your hampers... I'm in the market for a new on myself... ^-^

    Hope you have an awesome weekend! =D


  3. Your house looks beautiful and those cookies are like something from a cookery magazine spread. They look soooo tasty, so even if a few baskets of laundry and a that washing up keeps getting in the way, houses are not meant to be perfect as long as they are full of love. Your looks like it has love in abundance, so enjoy your Yule, Christmas and Boxing Day. Tidy houses can wait until spring,when the sun shines through those windows once more exposing all the dust,

  4. Our desks look eerily similar right now! Are you working in small pockets of empty space too? :)

    I've found putting off chores like the dishes to enjoy decorating, baking, snuggling and whatever else springs to mind to be more rewarding then having a squeaky clean house.

    That said, your house looks so festive and pretty, even the dishes are seasonal!

  5. I should be cleaning right now, as we're having our annual Yule party this weekend, but instead I'm looking at your lovely cookies. And I feel I'm making the best use of my time. If those cobwebs are still there on Sunday I'll just dim the lights a bit more. And after agonizing all week about what to do for dinner on Christmas Day (because I really do NOT feel like cooking the usual big dinner), I've just decided to make a nice hearty turkey stew and some crusty bread. Maybe a chocolate cake for dessert. Maximum enjoyment for minimum stress.

  6. Oh my! Don't I know what it feels like to be under water feeling around this time. I sort of feel that way, but I've realized I have to let it go. So what if there is a bit of dog hair on the couch, dishes in the sink, and art supplies everywhere! If company doesn't like it they don't have to come! (but I bet they will because they love us :))

  7. Great pics! Love the plaid table cloths, and the Timmy's mug!