Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm Alive! It's December! And SNOW!

Well friends, I made it through the dental ordeal! I was absolutely certain that they were going to kill me (no joke) but after a triple dose of pills and some very lovely gas I didn't really care much. I don't remember a hell of a lot of that day (or the next) but I do remember complaining about the needle. Damn I hate those things! Christ, even when drugged to high heaven they hurt like hell.

On a much more positive note it snowed here the other day. Whenever I see snow falling I am quite certain that magic is real :) It's just so damned gorgeous.

The kidlet was over-joyed and took full advantage of his own private tobaggan hill. The snow was still there this morning and we both rode down the hill to the school bus stop. How fantastic is that? It was even better than a morning dip in the pool.

I'm feeling super excited about Christmas this year and have started chipping away at the madess. Cleaning, making, baking... there's so much to do, but it will all be worth it. I've even squeezed in an extra Christmas craft and entered the craftster Chronicle Your Holiday! Challenge Using the flower and square box templates found on that page I made this...

A papery Christmas tree full of glitter and fake snow... ahhhh, glitter. See more here 


  1. Snow is so magical, until you've had 6 months of it! LOL I love your little tree! I'm on the cleaning, and making and baking rush too, but we are also trying to finish our unfinished kitchen!

  2. I found you via Crafster or it might have been Swapbot (my short term memory sucks!)lol, but have had a quick look through you blog and it's lovely. It looks like we have lots in common too.xx

  3. I'm so glad you survived the trip to the dentist! I wish my own were kind enough to gas me when they have to do anything more than clean my teeth. *sigh*

    On a cheerier note, I've been completely overwhelmed by the glittery Christmas fairy and am completely enamored with your wee tree!

  4. I'm glad your trip to the dentist went better than expected.

    Your little tree is gorgeous!! I want one. :)