Friday, January 28, 2011

A WIP of the big D

I've been meaning to do another painting of my fantastic kiddo. Somehow between the swim lessons, another trip to the dentist (where I awoke mid-sedation to find the masked bastard still working away on my chompers!) and a power outage that lasted hours upon hours, I've managed to squeeze in some painting.

It's far from done. I'm guessing it's only about 45% there at this point. There's a whole whack of pushing paint around left to do but it gives me a total thrill that my camera recognizes it as a face :) I'm really hoping that it turns out well because I love the graphic effect of the black and red.


  1. Wow, what a talented lady you are and if your camera hadn't recognised it as a face then it would have been a very silly camera,

  2. This is awesome! =D

    Have you let your kiddo see it yet? I'm sure he'll be thrilled. ^-^

  3. This looks fantastic! I wish I could capture realism like that! Sadly I draw whimsy and such.

  4. Great job. I personally stay as far away from a face as I can. Don't want to scare my camera!!!

  5. Nice blog!
    Im starting my own dollhouse project, first time i ever do this :D