Friday, February 11, 2011

"Make your own damned mess" Giveaway

Here's the deal, I want you to be inspired. I want you to make a mess. BUT it has to be your own damned mess. No copying off of your neighbours work. Got it? Ok.

Over the years I've managed to build up a pretty nice collection of photos for use in my mess making. For the next month or so I'm giving away a high res sheet of grubby kidlet inchies made from my collection.

Here's the deal...

#1. Don't sell or give the file/sheet/images.

You can make as much stuff as you want from these. You can make as many copies as you like. You can sell or give or trade your finished artwork. Just don't distribute the images. You can direct others here to get their own, but don't distribute it, in any way, for free or for sale, in part or whole, in print or digitally, till death do you part.

I'm not one of those nice 'white' witches, and I am not above jinxing, hexing or cursing anyone who does not follow this very simple rule.

#2. Comment below on why it's wrong to steal, or the consequences of intellectual theft. Or, even better, why it's important to MAKE YOUR OWN DAMNED MESS. You get the idea.

And that's it! Everyone who leaves message will get the file... though I do reserve the right to refuse someone I think is a sneaky bastard.

Make sure I can contact you via email through your profile and you will be sent the full high-res jpg of the above. Email me at info (at) knickertwists (dot) com if you can not be contacted through your profile. I cross my black little heart that you won't be added to any sort of list, and I won't send you chain letters.

***Please note: I will send a 200dpi file at 1.5K which is absolutely suitable for printing. You can request a 300dpi file which is rather large at 3.5K.


  1. I pinky promise not to sell, gift or otherwise give these grubby chubby children away and that I will keep them all to my greedy little self.

    Partially because I don't want any Knickertwist hexes, but mostly because stealing other people's work is a heinous and awful thing and only shows your lack of confidence in your own creativity and talents.

    Personally, I love making my own damned messes and tend to make an appallingly large number of them!

  2. So help me Hannah, I will abide by your rules on the damned mess giveaway sheet. Cross my heart, yes I'll die and someone surely will spit in my eye. And all this was said with my hand raised and as sweet Danni said pinky swear....cuz I read how pissed you were with the copiers and forgers of your artistic thoughts and dos and I don't blame you. And on the subject of hexes.......uh huh. you betcha, I'm a bit on the tarnished side of white witchery myself. The Olde Bagg, herself, Linda
    I will share with my grands and the making of some tiny fae for Litha with these darlings if you please.

  3. I know there's a saying that imitation is a form of flattery. Well whomever said that can bite my bum!!! You are an amazingly creative being and I hate that you were copied. I know anything I did was copied I would be angry too. You put your sweat and tears in your creations so back off copycats.
    So, I promise that I will not share your stuff with anyone else. May a house fall on me and some kid with a dog steal my shoes and murder my sister!

  4. I hope you don't think I'm a sneaky little bastard! I hereby promise to make my own damned mess, as copying someone else's mess is not only cheating, it's no damned fun. Send me some of those precious little kids, and I promise I'll take good care of them.


  5. i think danni did an award-winning job of summing up the whole issue. we are all artists. we grow with each other, not off of each other for crying out loud. perhaps a trip back to their kindergarten classrooms would behoove these creative knocker-offers...a little refresher on the golden rules like: wash your hands. take turns. don't yell inside. don't take other peoples' stuff!!!
    you are so generous to share those dear babies. let me at 'em, i'll teach some manners!

  6. I'd love to torture, er... play with these children and promise to make my own mess with them. I applaud you for your generosity in sharing your beautiful art. It's heinous that someone has plagarized it for profit.

  7. Stealing ideas kills your imagination plus you are doing something wrong to the owner.

    There is nothing better than came with something new that u deammed about or started from scratch!

    Im off to work now ... on Sat ... :( bye bye, have a lovely weekend dear :D

  8. Knickertwist's, you are such a giving person. Its a shame that that is being taken advantage of. Many people have inspired me in my work but I hope I never get to the point were inspiration turns into copying.

  9. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good... that's not right is it, lol. I promise to use your images for good.

    I think blatantly ripping off someones art just proves that you have no natural creativity. It's sad. Take inspiration and build from things, make them your own but don't make a profit from someone else's hard work. I feel the same way about them as I do about plagiarists... and it's not a repeatable feeling. lol.

  10. They can steal your ideas, copy your work, have armies of robots in Guangdong turning out exact replicas of your art, but they will never duplicate the creative spark that glows inside the heart of everything you create. Every fairy house, every crook-nosed witch, every magic wand, every tiny journal, carries on it a wee dab of Knickertwist magic like the chip on a credit card, confirming its authenticity to anyone who cares to know.

    I just bought a couple sets of insect wing stamps and I've been wondering who gets to wear them first. I'm sure being fitted with a set of dragonfly wings would put a smile on any one of those serious little faces.

  11. I know it's a month later but I just found you! I have tried to copy other's work - I admit it! I am woefully uncreative but I like to play, and try as I might nothing comes out looking remotely like the original. One further qualifier - these hideous works of non-art are for my eyes only, it is truly hideous to try and make money off of some one else's work. I really dislike those who take other's photos and put them into their collections - it's slimy because there isn't even any work involved. I know it's late but I would love a chance to make some hideous creatures out of those sweet little children...