Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new project

This morning these lovely things were left on the path leading down to the bus stop. I don't doubt for a moment that they are from the faerie folk here. The robins and sparrows were fluttering about and singing so happily yesterday that I am quite certain there was some sort of revelry going on last night.

It's a funny thing really because over the past few months I've been slowly working on a sister site for Knickertwist's... Pixie Hill.

Pixie Hill will be dedicated to faerie goodness and fostering creativity. It's really rough at the moment, and a bit of a mess, but in a week or so it should be up and running proper. I'll let you know when she's decent and ready for a peek :)

Anyway, part of the new site includes 'a journal of proof'. It will be a sort of record of the faerie sightings and magical activity that goes on here. I'm taking today's find as a sign to get the darned thing up and running already and have started the blogging here.

Hop on over and have a look at pixie-hill.blogspot.com/



  1. Pixie Hill sounds wonderful, count me in! (I've already pressed the "Follow" button on your new sister site!)

  2. Wonderful! I'm off to have a peek! Since I've started working in the greenhouse planting flowers and moving dirt the faeires have been restless around here! Ready for some spring!

  3. How exciting.....I also have joined your followers at Pixie Hill. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. Yeah! Another great Blog to follow then! :D

    I love finding treasures over the streets etc, there are so many amazing things!!!

    They remind me, when i was a kid i used to love (and i still do) the movie "Labyrinth", after i saw it i found outside 3 strange rocks, with different shapes but not the normal rocks you would find over the garden. And they reminded me of 3 characters from the movie, i remember i kept them for a while, i lost 1 and everytime i forgot the last one outside a few days later it appeared again ... i was like "Oh its magic. Maybe that was on my mind as a child but it was lovely and fun... and i want to believe it was real magic :D