Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I came across an old sketch book tonight. I've become addicted to carrying one around with me. I feel naked without one... just like when you forget to put on a watch.

Do you keep a sketch book? I take one with me almost everywhere. I usually have two or three small books for doodling at any one time because I'm so scattered that I always misplace at least one of them.

My sketch books aren't really all that sketchy. They are mostly filled with word associations, lists and written ideas with a few quick scribbles here and there. If I didn't put them on paper I'd totally forget 3/4 of the things that run through my head :)

I really am curious how many of you keep a sketch book or journal type thing...


  1. I carry one in my purse. It's got things like birthday menus and shopping lists, a sketch of a rainbow tiered skirt I'm working on and the yardage needed, and my ideas on what I wanted to include in your curiosity cabinet. And a handwritten contract for the purchase of my cat. You know... important stuff!

  2. I have one but i mostly write ideas that came to my mind of things i want to do!

    Because when im over the train or bus i always came up with new ideas and i have to write them down before i forget them! hahahaha

    For example yesterday it was all about planning my bday menu for next month :S Im crazyyy

  3. I have tried to be a sketchbook-carrier for years, but I haven't been able to force myself to sketch regularly enough to get comfortable with it, so any time I do want to sketch something it's either painful or grotesque or both. If only it didn't take time to become good at the things I want to do!

    When I am carrying a sketchbook, it's usually one of the orange Rhodia notepads. I love them because they're well-sized, good quality, the paper is gridded or lined in a very light purple (or blank) and the cover is scored to fold right back out of the way, which is so brilliant. And they're very affordable, though finding stores that actually carry them is always a struggle.

    In the second of your pages, is that the first appearance of your coven of witch sisters, or is it a different branch of the family?

  4. I'm what I like to refer to as a serial sketchbook collector. I tend to get a sketchbook and carry it around with me for a period of time until one day I remove it from my bag (usually to lighten the load)and put it down never to be picked up again.

    And then I repeat the process until (as of right now) I have 7 or so sketchbooks with between 5 and 30 pages of drawings and scribblings. Typically, I do more drawing then writing in my books.

    I think I recognize a few of your sketches from past projects. :)

  5. I fall into the same category as Danni. except I usually get a little further than 5 to 30 pages. I usually have mostly lists and random thoughts with the odd sketch here and there.

    my last sketch book was used to keep track of maternity appointments, Bean's heart rate and my eight as well as any questions and concerns I had during the pregnancy.

    One day I hope to have a better sketchbook habit