Monday, February 07, 2011

Two Wee Books

I've spent the morning finishing up two wee books. One book is a sort of pink colour study, the other is about the night sky. Here's a gander...

I'm really glad I made a load of extra pages for the night sky book because I think I'll be making a few more of them.

Before I make any more books though, I think I need to tackle this lovely mess... and yes, that is a box of Popsicle sticks on my desk :)


  1. Im so gonna make one someday soon!! They all look lovely!! And about the mess ... hey its an artirst room, what would it be without the mess?

    Btw can i ask a stupid question? What is "wee" ?

  2. Very nice!!

    I must say, I envy the little mess you have going...Not so much the mess, as the space the mess is in! My kingdom for a lovely area to craft in!

  3. As always you inspire. Of course with a new born I'm in no position to follow your lead right now but I'm making a to do list that I hope to start to tackle as time moves on.

    Love the moon on that page; simply dream worthy

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    Noelia>> "wee"... just another way to way to say tiny or little.

  5. I love them both, but that night sky book is gorgeous!

    P.S. I received a terribly generous package of herbs from you today! I'm looking forward to making magic with them, thank you so much!

  6. Your books are absolutely gorgeous!!! Amazing. You are such a constant source of inspiration.

  7. Lovely little books! I treasure my book from you ;)
    I'm making one for a giveaway on my blog.