Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Garden

While I stand back and say "Ohhh! Look at our lovely garden!" it is in fact the Mr. that does all of the work. Last year this spot was all grass and trees. He's done a load of work back there and we're already seeing the rewards (mmmm, fresh spinach). Here's a closer look at what's going on back there...

This patch has all sorts of carrots, radishes and spinach. That might sound like a bit of a yawn but some of those carrots are purple and the radishes striped like peppermint!

The herby part of the garden. We keep the things we use regularly (basil, thyme, sage, rosemary) close to the house and the rest gets put here for the bees to enjoy.

Tomatoes! This year we're trying some heirloom varieties along with our old favourites. The plants with grow up those spirals and, hopefully, become drippy with fruit.

The Mr. built this box and placed it in the garden with the glass lid closed to warm up the ground. We've been eating lettuce for a month now thanks to this box. The heat that builds up in here is incredible. If we could just convince the clover to move out.

Raspberry canes that all came from the kindness of others. In no time at all this will become a beautiful brambled mess.

One of several compost bins we have on the go. The stone on top keeps out the raccoons and the weed to the right is the herb yarrow. A few leaves tossed into the compost bin helps to speed up the decomposition process.

Baby pumpkin plants! This is D's job this summer. We're hoping he can sell one or two in the autumn... though I'll probably buy them all because I LOVE pumpkins :)

Lastly, here's our happy girls enjoying a summer treat this morning. Chopped watermelon and orange slices. Despite the fact the Mr has named one "Chops" they are fast becoming our little clucky princesses.

For a far more impressive gardening/farm blog you should definitely visit Missing Willow Farm. She's totally inspiring and makes me green with envy :)