Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is Houdini.

We acquired this wee fella the other day. He's been living in the garage until he gets a bit bigger and can slowly be introduced to the rest of our chicken-y gang. The other night my husband woke up in the wee hours and went into the garage. He did not hear the usual "peep, peep, peep" and, dreading the worst, looked inside the caged box expecting to find a small dead pile of feathers... the chick had disappeared!

He heard a little "chirp" and found the chick inside a small green house ```````````````````````````````````` (excuse that small interruption... that was Houdini saying hello). Anyway, we really aren't sure how the tiny chick managed to make his way to a shelf five and a half feet up from the ground. The next night he did it again. And so he has been dubbed with an appropriate name.

Anyway our newest feathered friend is lots of fun and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's actually a kitten. The wee thing is most content when cleaning himself, being given a good pet or having a little cuddle. Who would have ever thought that chickens like to cuddle?! I've decided to move the little guy out of the garage and into my office so he can sit beside me as I work. Right at this moment he's snuggled in a blanket on my lap watching me type away. 


  1. What a darling little chook. :)

    I used to have a chicken who used to sit on the window sill and peck at the window until you let her in. Then she would get up on the sofa!!! I think she thought she was a cat too,lol.x

  2. Oh I think that Houdini is absolutely a house chicken. They do have chicken pants you know...
    Then all would be taken care of. tee hee

  3. I, too, think he's most definitely a house chickenkitten. =D
    He is supremely adorable & looks most content snuggled in your lap. ^-^


  4. Chicken pants? Oh yes, please! What breed of chicken is Houdini? He's much more handsome than his people usually are at that age.

  5. Little Houdini's days as a house chicken were short lived. He left this morning to live out his days on a farm with a LOAD of other young roosters. He really did need companionship so I'm sure he'll be in chicken heaven. BTW he is a Silver Laced Wyandotte and a super friendly one at that. The other two Wyandottes we've had weren't nearly as cuddly and would run as fast and far away when people came near.