Thursday, July 14, 2011

More small books... no, really.

So I decided that my new wee house needs some wee books. I have these wooden bits that look like books but I figured I'd try my hand at making some. Here's the results...

The books have leather, faux suede, and fabric covers.

They have real pages inside and can each be opened up.

Though they can't exactly be read :P
(Psst... don't worry, although the pages do have bible passages on them but the books were unfit for reading)

Although these books are teeny when I put them in the house I realized they were too big!

So I made another batch....

... and they are even smaller.


  1. All your work is great but these are fantastic! Must have taken a lot of patience.

  2. They are amazing!!! So tiny!!! You can have a fairy library now :D

  3. Wow! These are so cute - and you must have KILLER eyesight to work on such small things! :-) Hugs, Cathy K

  4. Your ability to make bitty things is amazing. I'm in awe.

  5. You're amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those itty bitty books!

  6. Wow! According to my boyfriend being a girl makes me a sucker for anything in miniature purely because its so CUTE! I think he is right for once. These are amazing and I'm now dying for a dolls house purely so I can have lots and lots of tiny things.

  7. Oh my! I leave fore vacation and look at all the things I missed! These are amazing! I'd love a book pendant like this! So cute!