Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wee Mystic's House

Woo hoo! I've spent HOURS finishing this baby up and here it is... the Wee Mystic's House

Over all it measures around 15.5" tall

There's creepy crawlies on the roof

Inside has just 4 rooms

The main room I've done as a sort of occultish shop. If you look carefully you can see a small homage to Marie Laveau :)

Scrolls, tiny bead bottles and the "Our Lady" shrine I made last week in the background.

A collection of sculls and magical powders. Each tiny vial has the actual contents labeled on the front.

The next room is the "Reading room" with a crystal ball, tarot cards and more...

... including a palmistry hand made from a dolls hand

In the front window there is the teeniest ouija board.

Upstairs is where the mystic does all of his private spell work. There's even a picture of super awesome witchy woman Doreen Valiente for inspiration.

Storage in the wee attic.