Friday, August 05, 2011

We're back!

Every year we grab the tent and camp at a different Ontario Provincial Park. This year we went to Bonnechere which sits on Round Lake, in the Ottawa valley, just a short trip from Algonquin park.

The beach was fab.

Our site was right on the Little Bonnechere river.

The weather was (mostly) great.

D especially loved just sitting at the waters edge and catching a few fish :)

I could have done without the two kids blowing whistles at 6 in the morning (parents! how can you not hear that?!?) but all in all it was a pretty darn great trip. Bonnechere definitely ranks as one of my favourite parks so far and I'd totally consider a return visit :)

We've camped at private grounds and they don't even come close to the Provincial Park experience. Most individual PP sites allow for quite a bit of privacy, unlike the fishbowl setup of many privately operated grounds. The Prov. Parks we've been to have had great daily kid programs, hiking trails, clean beaches, and reasonable rentals (ie $30 full day canoe rental incl. all needed life jackets). Bonnechere also offered free fishing rods, beach balls, and sporting equipment. They might not be as flashy as some private campgrounds, but the Provincial Parks we've visited have felt feel a whole lot safer, cleaner and are far quieter... apart from the whistling kids.


  1. What a beautiful site, you lucky ducks! We tend to prefer camping at state parks over private ones for the privacy, the better maintenance and the fact that they are usually a lot more woodsy. I can't wait for the heat to break down here now, you've got me wanting to break out the tent!

  2. So pretty! I love nature, but prefer to "camp" in a cottage. :)

    –Jaclyn T
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  3. What a gorgeous site! I can't wait to get in some more camping... I love it & never seem to get enough in during the summer. ^-^
    Glad you guys had a good trip!