Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Mottled Bottle and New Listings

I've spent the morning being frustrated.

I hate photographing glass, through glass, near glassy things... really anything to do with the shiny glaring stuff. My photo's are turning out like poo today.


Gah! It's just so small that the camera is picking up the stupid slight mottle on the bottle.

Really, to look at these in real life you can't see it at all. Unfortunately it doesn't do any good to say "Don't worry, it's prettier in real life." when you're trying to sell something online.

I'll have another try tomorrow.

I did get some better shots of the fairy godmother dolls, their personalities are all sorted, and they've been listed in my etsy. Here are some of the new glamour shots.

Mary Primm specialty is keeping teapots warm and is especially good at the minding of manners.

Amelia Chimchinny is especially good at watching over adventurers and daydreamers.
One of her specialties is helping to fulfill destinies.

Isn't that background fantastic?! We bought an old trunk at a yard sale for $5!  FIVE DOLLARS! It's really wonderful and just the right amount of beat up :)

I've also listed some new fairy cupboards on my etsy.

This one in chocked full of little whimsies and is a tad sparkly.
It has a real old skeleton key sitting on top!

It is listed here.

I've also listed this little sewing cupboard filled with things for crafty fairy folk.

It's listed here.

We're going to start holding workshops at our wee Pixie Hill studio and I'm pretty certain that the first one will be a 2 day workshop doing these little cupboards. What fun would it be to work on tiny things with other crazy creative types? I'm really pretty excited about it :)

Anywho, enough bombardment from me today. Keep your fingers crossed for better photo success tomorrow.