Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mushrooms and a sexxy wip

I spent the morning take pics of all the mushrooms growing on our property. We've got at least two fairy circles that are starting to take shape and a bunch of little groups popping up. Much to my husbands delight there are also a few giant puffballs growing. They look like lovely giant moons resting on the ground.

Another surprise I'm sure was planted by the fairy folk - our foxglove and bergamot are blooming again!

You can see more pics here.

I've got a load of stuff on the go right now but it's for a swap so I can't really show it off just yet. Instead I'll leave you with this fellow...

He's been sitting on the shelf for quite a while but is slowly making his way back onto the 'to-do' list. I won't show him all because his arms are terrible and I'm quite ashamed of them :P That said, his legs are fairly manly and he's got a lovely trail of chest hair leading down to his black briefs. He's a bit too sexxy for his own good and is getting quite cocky. I'm not exactly sure where this fellow is headed but I'm thinking he might be a swashbuckling steampunky adventure type. What do you think?


  1. I love the description of puffballs looking like moons!

    You could give Mr. Sexy-Face some chest hair to enhance his cockiness.

  2. i miss fairy rings! they used to pop up all the time at my grandparent's place...
    mr. sexy is looking good! can't wait to see him finished...

  3. Aren't mushrooms amazing creatures? They are like little puffy dirt desserts.

    I want to see more of Mr Sexy!

  4. Lovely fungi and rain kissed foxglove...your Mr is quite a hunk...really he has so much character and charm already!

    We had a very wet September here in Virginia ... I am always charmed by the mushrooms popping up.
    That puff ball is impressive!