Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Washrooms and Wandy Goodness

You'll notice a load of posts coming up with the Pixie Hill logo on them. Don't get confused, it's me. It's what we're branding our studio. Clear as mud? Fantastic! Here's a juicy little sneak peek...

We're a long way off but it's coming together. It should be a tad easier now that the Big D is back in school. It's been three months since I used the washroom with out hearing "Mum! Mum! Where are you? What are you doing?" That said, I've missed having that funny, scruffy kid around today.

I've had a few spoon wands on the back burner for ages. While waiting for paint to dry and glitter to settle last night I pulled out the old dusty things and started working on them again.

I don't think this one is quite finished but it's the furthest along of the bunch.