Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Potter goodness and Elves!

Woo hoo! I've finished putting together a Harry Potter package for the craftster Back to Hogwarts rnd 2 Swap. I'm really proud of it and I can't wait to show it off... but that have to wait until my lovely partner receives.

In the meantime... more strangeness from life on the Hill.

The kidlet went wandering yesterday. I sent him out with a camera and a walkie-talkie to snap some photos for our upcoming show in two weeks (yikes!). After a short while I heard the blip of the walkie talkie and then...

Mum! Mum! I found something but you CAN'T use if for your crafting! Come out and see!

This is what he found...

Isn't it fantastic?! It's quite small, maybe 5" long, and utterly beautiful and gloriously mossy.

I've been quite sure where the faeries, pixies and goblins reside on our hilly acres and now I know just where the elves live too.