Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cannibal Snowballs and Peggy Fairies

Where are the days going? November is breezing past like nobodies business!

Just a couple of small things to post...

A couple of years ago I made some emotional snowballs. This year I made some cheeky ones. At least one of them is a cannibal.

I also made some very simple, but very cheery Christmas fairies.

I think they're rather cute :)

Now, it's 3:20 and I've been working so hard on dull design work that I'm still in my jammas so I gotta run! Cheerio!!!!


  1. I love the snowballs and the fairies! So cute!

  2. I am SO IN LOVE with your cannibal snowballs! Please tell me I can swap something with you for one!

  3. I'd totally swap Kira but I'm sold out! I'll make an extra big batch next Christmas and we'll swap for sure :)

  4. what are the wings made of?

  5. The wings were made of petals from wire flowers that someone had passed along to me.