Thursday, January 26, 2012

A friend for Mouse, crazy weather, and they grow up so fast don't they

A sort of mishmashed post today.

I think I could easily become addicted to needle felting. I've made a little friend for Mouse.

I think I might try a white hare next.

The weather here has been terribly strange. Warm, rainy, frigid, freezing, snow, all within the span of a week. Last weekend there was plenty of white stuff on the ground and D and I took the shovels out and spent a few hours clearing a rather large skating area.

Today I look out and see that once again there is very little snow on the ground. I'm dreading the next dump of snow and having to shovel off that ice again... though D loves it and it's good healthy fun.

Lastly our dear Padfoot is growing big and strong and happy. He's a big dope but we love him. If we can just get him to not pee when he gets excited (ie. every single time someone walks in the door).