Monday, January 23, 2012

A needle felted mouse

Today was grand. Coffee and chit chat with a fellow adult, interrupted only by my dim doggy piddling, puking and being a general nuisance (but I love him despite of his mentality and neediness). I don't normally miss socializing, I rather like my isolation actually, but today was lovely and made me realize that perhaps I like good company a little more than I realize.

Anywho, after my visit I finished up this fellow...

He's around 2.5" tall and made from a batch of poopy free wool I cleaned and brushed in the summer. I tea dyed the wool, used seed beads for eyes and those little whiskers are bristles of fur.

I think I'll be including this fellow in a large moon shrine that keeps turning over in my wee brain. Until then he's sitting on my shelf looking rather innocent (which you know means he's up to something naughty).