Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wands, of the Goblin variety


I've been giving an awful lot of thought to goblins lately. I'm sure the ones who live by the stream are up to something. Last week they broke a patch of ice poor Padfoot was standing on, giving the pooch a bit of a fright and four very wet paws.

Not to be confused with Hobgoblins (which are actually rather nice, often misunderstood creatures, who could be compared to a house brownie in temperament and behaviour) the goblins who live down by the stream are quite mean-spirited. They push and trip anyone who 'invades' their space. They cloak themselves with invisibility and create all sorts of mischief. In the summer, they keep swarms of bugs and mosquitoes, making it very unpleasant to explore their domain.

I wonder if some ale would appease them? Hmmm, I don't know how I feel about having drunken goblins on my doorstep demanding another round.


  1. You always create such happily mystical pieces! Admiring the thoughtful details you add always makes me smile.

  2. Don't give um beer....very bad results. They got into our mead and now that was a mess to clean up after. I think a little whine.....er wine would be good. Something to calm their nerves.
    Oma Linda

  3. Those wands are so perfectly goblin it made me cackle and twiddle my fingers with glee! I'll admit, I feed the goblins in the thorn patch in my yard and have had very good results. A little beer, some bread and fuzzy cheese every so often keeps their mischief in check!

  4. Oh yes, fuzzy cheese sounds like just the thing. And maybe something sour like crabapples. But I think beer or ale probably is the beverage of choice. Just be very skimpy with your servings!