Monday, March 19, 2012

Matchbox Shrines and More Signs of Spring

The studio is looking a bit slim and I'm trying to get my act together. Here are my two most recent makings.
Isn't he sweet?! I'm kind of in love with him. The base is a large matchbox sized 2.5" x 4.75" He's currently listed in the esty shop here.

I know. You're probably sick to death of seeing this gal by now. Here's the thing, I got to thinking what a nightmare shipping her would be. Those delicate petal wings would no doubt suffer the wrath of the shipping gods. And so I've put her in a place of honor and safety. She's listed in the esty shop here.

I grabbed the camera this morning for spying some more signs of spring. It's funny living here, I can no longer decide what my favourite season is. Seeing things sprout and grow, those bursts of colour, is terribly exciting.

Something I didn't realized I missed so much was opening the windows and hearing the birds sing.