Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Spool Fairy

It's March Break madness here. Activities have included wading in the stream to build an island, using the back garden as a driving range, doing battle in the front yard. At this moment I'm hiding, stealing a moment away from the kiddo to upload a couple of photos...

I'm a guest designer over at this month (terribly exciting!). Here's a little Spool Fairy I made using their products: Romantic Perfume Labels Collage Sheet, Wood Mini Spool, Tiny Watch Gears and some Black Dresden Borders. The wings are made from dried flower petals!

And with a penny for size reference...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run off and try to have a cup of tea before being forced down to the water in my wellies again ;)



  1. I miss those March Break days...somewhat! :) Trying to keep kids active and away from boredom can be tiring (and wet from the sound of things!).

    I cannot get over how tiny this is and how you can work so well in miniature scale. I'd be all thumbs!

  2. This Spool Fairy is a stunner. You always amaze me with your gift for the tiny. Oma Linda

  3. So much wonderful in so much tiny :). This is precious.

  4. Sooooo teeny tiny! I agree - my big fumbly fingers could never come up with something so tiny and wonderful!

  5. ~you really have a way with creating such enchantingly sweet pieces of the faerie...much love light and blessings~