Saturday, April 21, 2012

Butterfly Fairy Shrine

I had a very productive evening last night. I totally lost track of time and completed two whole projects! One of my makings is sort of in a prototype stage so I won't show you that mess just yet. The other? Take a gander...

A butterfly fairy shrine, with vintage bubble wand egg dipper, handmade ladybugs in the upcycled lid of a little wooden box. She'll be listed at in the etsy shop on Monday.

The poor girl must have been desperate for some wings as she just arrived in my mailbox last week and here she is, already gussied up with a rather cheeky determined expression.



  1. I dont know if you ever heard about a tv show called Ghost whisperer? Te openning credits remind me so much of you work :) Lovely

  2. Really gorgeous...I love the bubble wand/egg dipper !

  3. Lovely work, as always. And worth making a mess for!!

  4. I saw that egg dipper in your auction horde and thought "I bet that's gonna get used!" But foolishly I thought its use would have something to do with eggs. How could I be so wrong? And Ian will be jealous of your stamp stash!