Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sale Madness

I was up before 8 am today.

I do not like to be up before 9 am unless absolutely necessary. (like every single weekday that I must pack lunch and get the kid off to school and do all that other mum stuff.)

But my husband has the garage sale itch, which I suppose is better than any other sort of itch he could have, so I dragged my sorry bottom out of bed. Today's haul is this...

That, my friends, is exactly $9 worth of garage sale goods. Our haul today? An aluminum chicken feeder and vintage hair clipper (not pictured) a glass cloche with real butterfly, ugly tin clock, an old bird cage (75¢ SEVENTY FIVE CENTS!), misc wood letters, a glass cocktail shaker with all of it's bits in place, all sitting on a $1 kiddy table and... my very favourite... a little wicker doll buggy.

Maybe getting  up before 9am isn't such a bad idea after all.


  1. OH lala amazing finds!!!! :) We have some places like the salvation army to go and find cool stuff ... if i go i come back with some good things and a lot of junk jajajajajajjaa

  2. Oh MY! your garage sale finds are way better than mine ever are! I would KILL for that doll buggy for my little Hamster and that kiddie table would be adorable all done up fun style for her room! Totally green with envy here!

  3. Whoa!!! Did you ever score some deals and some goodies!! Think I need to start going yard saleing with you! :0)