Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I read this post today I stuns me that the lesson I learned at 15, avoids so many grown ass people today.

When I was young and dumb (I mean really young and really dumb) the thought of having gay friends sort of freaked me out. I mean, there was simply no way that I could be friends with a lesbian. Can you imagine?! It would be weird. I'd be totally uncomfortable. Ewww! Ick! Blah!

Then my best friend came out to me.

Actually, my best friend was so terrified that she had another friend tell me.

My reaction? "Where the hell is she? We're going for coffee."

In that instant I saw with full clarity it didn't matter. Not a speck! I felt like absolute crap because I realized that her sexual orientation (or anyone else's for that matter) had absolutely nothing to do with my love for her. I loved her because she made me laugh, she was kind, she was nice, and she put up with me... nothing else mattered.

Our job, no matter what faith we follow, is to show kindness to others, and to love one another... that's it. If you're worried God doesn't like what someone else is doing, or how someone else is living their life, I'm pretty sure he/she/they will deal with it.

So I'll sign off by saying that no matter who you are, I love you. I really do. No matter what, you're pretty damned nifty in my book. I hope you'll pass a little bit of love on to someone else too, because sometimes just a little bit of extra love can make all the difference in the world.