Thursday, April 26, 2012

A whole lot of this and that

Nothing really to show off today. I'm feeling a bit, um, 'stuck' actually. There's about 1,243 things on the go but nothing is happening today. After a mad flurry of making my mind has turned to a bit of mush. Perhaps it's because I cleaned my making room and I accidentally sucked up the arty momentum with the vacuum.

Here's my work area as it sits right now. One day after cleaning. Yes, this is after the cleaning. You can tell it's the after because you can see the floor. Give it a week and that table will be moved to the side and there will only be one bum shaped clear spot amidst a sea of supplies, paper, glue bottles and paint tubes.

Now for the this and that...

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about the blue chicken we saw at the poultry auction. A BLUE CHICKEN! It looked just like a muppet.  It was a dyed silkie chicken, which are the most fabulous looking things ever.

We also saw the ugliest chickens ever: bare necked chickens. (Edit: they are the second uglist behind naked featherless chickens.)  Here's a fellow from a recent Scientific America post about chickens.

While waiting for my groove to return I've been watching The Victorian Kitchen Garden this morning. I love all the BBC living history shows. Mr Pixie and I have been watching the latest Edwardian Farm and will be sad when the last episode airs next week. I'm sort of smitten with Peter Ginn *wink wink* , and Ruth Goodman is absolutely lovely. THIS is my kind of reality tv.

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