Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Mad Hatters Tea

I've never worked on an Alice in Wonderland piece before. I don't remember reading the book as kid, but  I do still have my childhood copy the Lewis Carroll classic. The Tim Burton flick must have touched on something deep inside my mind (as deep as my mind runs anyway) because it gave me terrible nightmares.

I dusted off my old copy of Alice's adventures and have started to re-introduce myself to the story and it's characters.

The visuals that are stirred up while reading it are wonderful. Almost every page is bringing new snippets of inspiration. And all that nonsense! It's all very charming.

The size of the actual box, not including the dodads, is approximately 7 x 8.57". Much of the imagery, and that glorious little spoon, comes from

This piece is now listed in the etsy shop