Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Step away from the canvas

I have a very bad habit of overdoing things. I listen to the same songs over and over, watch the same movies, eat the same foods, until I am utterly sick to death. The same thing applies to making stuff. I have to change things up or else run a very real risk of boredom!

So, after about a week straight of full time (and then some) painting I took a break and created an edition of 10 ACEO's.

They are mounted on the cardstock pages from a vintage photo album. The night sky is layered book pages. The moon is vellum from the same old album.

There's 10 of these handmade lovelies available in the etsy shop HERE


  1. Your night skies are always so lovely, I can't for the life of me get mine to look anything but flat. :)

  2. Beautious indeed. I adore the way the sky looks. I agree with Danni, I just don't have the touch. But your do for sure.
    Oma Linda