Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Squirrel's End - A Goblin Pub

It's done! I am pleased to present The Squirrel's End, public house of choice of the finest goblins.

The main pubby area

There are loads of little boozy bead bottles under the bar.

Cheap beer! That's two old six pence for a big frothy pint.

There's a chicken roasting on the spit, a twig mop, and see that mount over the fireplace? A found duck skull.

This would be my table. I'm always spilling stuff. Did you notice the graffiti on the tables?

One of my most favourite things in the pub is that handmade dart boards.

The tiny dominoes ain't half bad either though. Can you spy the vintage Guinness coasters?

How about the gum under the tables?

Upstairs is the storage.

There's cheese, nuts, and booze galore!

When I saw this hand in a package of pointing fingers I purchased I knew it HAD to go into the pub. And so you see that little round number thingy? An old French lottery number!

Can you see that bar of soap? It's soap!

I'm pretty proud of this toilet hobbled out of bits of wood and a q-tip.

Just two more photos. They'll give you an idea of scale...


Happy May Day :)


  1. Marvelous!!! So much detail! :0)

  2. Dearie, I think you've truly outdone yourself this time. All the tiny detail... This is amazing! Now if only I could shrink just a bit, I'd nip on over for a pint. =D

    Hope you had a lovely May Day!


  3. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Holy cow. I kinda want to stay there for a weekend.

  4. And may I say, Bless you for having no word verification on your blog comments!!! :~P

  5. Oh … my … gods …

    … fanfreakin'tastic!

  6. Great little pub. I love your attention to detail.

  7. My gods... pass me a pint please, because this is almost too fabulous to handle!

    There's even gum under the tables? You've really gone to great lengths to make the goblins happy. :)

  8. Oh my gosh this is just fantastic!!!
    I'd love to pull up a chair and have a mug!
    I'm going to send over a blog friend whos really into minitures. She will go GAGA over your pub!
    hugs Lynn

  9. Hi!
    You have done some wonderful work with your Goblin Bub! It is amazing! Love every detail! Lynn was right about me...she said I will go GAGA..:D
    Happy I found your blog.

  10. Amazingly wonderful! Those tiny details make it perfect!

  11. Saw this house on Craftster. It's really amazing. The roof and bricks are realistic and fairy-tale at the same time. I love mini stuff, but I can't stop looking at the texture of exterior. :)

    Did you figure out the attic door yet? In the closed position, the half of the hinge that's attached to the floor needs to be level with the half on the door. I think that's why it won't close as it is. If you do want it to close completely, either slip in a scrap of wood on the floor side to raise it or take off the door side and reattach it to the top of the hinge (underside of door).

    Thank you for the tour of your cozy little pub!