Monday, June 18, 2012

A few little things

The first little thing...
... a tiny door! It's only around 2" tall and it opens to reveal this itty scene.

Here's the link for the kit I used as the base: Mini Parisian Door Shrine Kit. There's sooooo many possibilities for this tiny thing.

Also in little news...

More fairy activity around 'the hill'. Sometimes it's the little things that let me know that the fae are about. We've had fantastic firefly displays, gorgeous wildflowers blooming and the birds are all aflutter. The foxglove is starting to bloom, which always turns my mind to the wee folk.

I'm sure the wee folk have also been having their way with our dog, Padfoot. They must be coaxing him into picking up things he ought not to because he's become TERRIBLE over the past week. He even tried to pick up a toad and gave us both a nasty shock when he started foaming at the mouth. Thankfully he's safe and sound but what a fright!