Thursday, June 21, 2012

Midsummer pretties and what's in the jar...

Took a walk around 'the hill' last night and took some snaps of the midsummer loveliness. Green must have been the colour of the evening because I saw a number of fantastically metallic looking bugs. One was a gorgeous damselfly with wings like lampblack. He was too fast for me though and refused to pose! The nerve!

Ah well, here's photos from midsummer at Pixie Hill that did turn out...

Also... a few of you asked what was in the fairy spying kit. Certainly you can make your own for gifts but please don't outright copy this and sell them... I WILL turn you into a toad. I've done it before I'll do it again.

Inside you'll find... a thimble, three coins, a little handmade net, a scribble book with miscellaneous papers, a fairy herb blend, a fairy spying stone, buttons and an old rusty iron nail. There's also a hints and tips, warnings and explanations for all of the items included.

Two kits currently listed on etsy here...


  1. Lovely photos...thank you for sharing the magic where you live!

  2. Adorable Fairy Kit!

    I also love the mushrooms on the tree... what are they? I have them here, too &, as much as I want to be, I'm still not great at identifying wild mushrooms.

  3. What an adorable little kit!! I imagine with that kit, you could spy many mystical creatures in your gorgeous photos.

  4. The kits are the cutest thing ive ever seen!

  5. Such pretty photos for Mid-summer! Thank you for sharing with us. And the Faery Spying kit is adorable! :0)

  6. What a creative idea. love your fairy jar!
    hugs Lynn

  7. I love your personality!!! You made my day.