Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Needlefelted Fellow

We have moles. They aren't nearly as bad as they were last year, but once in a while the tell-tale hills pop up on the lawn.

Mole hills are fascinating. They are like a very, very, very slow eruption. The earth ever so slowly pushing up.  Strange indeed!

Here's a little needle felted mole I've made over the past couple of days. His fingers and toes are made of paperclay. He stands just a smidgen under 2"!

He's not very photogenic I'm afraid. He's rather much more lovely in real life. He's listed in the shop here.


  1. Oh - he's sweet! What a charming little guy!

  2. He's so cute! Has that sort of indistinct mole-face expression...they always leave me wondering.

    Moles are cool because they eat do the varmints (I think some kind of rodii)that tunnel through and tear up my plant roots. So currently I am somewhat biased against all burrowing mammals.