Monday, June 04, 2012

Pretty Pillows and Plenty-o-pork (Warning-Meat Images Ahead)

I've spent a week making stuff and doing very little cleaning. With my granny heading back to our house for a last hurrah before she leaves for England, I figured I better get the place gussied up.

Most of my morning was spent cleaning our white couch. Let me just say, if someone offers you a white couch, just say 'no'. This bit of advice is particularly helpful if you have children... or a husband who likes to garden and get muddy. My granny thinks our giant white suite is rather fancy. I think it's a fancy pain in the bum.

Anyway, that big old white thing is starting to show it's age and to distract from the gross areas that defy cleaning I thought I might make some pretty floral pillows.

Awww, so pretty. So flowery. So good at hiding the hideous marks on the sofa. D disagrees and said "What have you done!?" The dog was also agitated and barked at them a bit. They'll get over it.

More pretty pillows and you'll notice there's some manly activity going on in the background.

While I enjoy good food and can bake like no-ones business, my husband is a true foodie. His latest obsession is Charcuterie (fancy meat things) and boy is he obsessed. As I type, he is messing up my kitchen, lost in fleshy bliss, working all sorts of magic with a half pig fresh from the abattoir. (Isn't that a fantastic word?! Much nicer than slaughterhouse.)

Anyway, here's some of the mans new 'toy' and the thing that will give me peace and quiet for the next two hours...

Yay pork!