Friday, June 01, 2012

Pretty Wedding Traditions

Timing is everything. My husband bought a bucket-o-stuff at an auction recently and inside there were several  tiny horseshoes. Soon after I was asked if could make a wedding spoon and horseshoe for a young couple. Fate?

There's lots going on in those two little things. Birch bark and bay leaves for protection. A lucky sixpence. An antique iron nail to ward off the baddies. There's even a four leaf clover hiding in that jumble on the tiny little horseshoe.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the tradition of giving a spoon and/or horseshoe to a young couple. When I got married I received a simple wooden spoon and a plastic horseshoe that had been given to my mum and dad one their wedding day. I carried it with my bouquet (along with a chocolate star wand!)

Awww, look how cute me and the mister were :)



  1. Indeed, you two were adorable!

    That is not a custom here in the my knowledge. What you made is lovely!

  2. These are beautiful, and what a wonderful couple too!

  3. I've never heard of this tradition! The creations you made are beautiful. I'm certain they will be treasured.

  4. They're beautiful! I have never heard of this wedding tradition. Most interesting. :0)

  5. P.S. You and the Mister are a beautiful couple! :0)

  6. Yes, you and the Mr. are a lovely couple.
    I've not heard of this custome but I like it. Our family always gives a broom and a penny. The broom to sweep away the old and a penny to keep the couple "in the money". I would have perferred a couple of thousand but I still have the penny and the broom too.
    Oma Linda

  7. Aw, look at you cutie patooties!

    I've never heard of that tradition, but I wish that I had. How lovely. I'm sure that the soon to be mister and missus will treasure that pair of magical items forever - they're beautiful!

  8. Wow! Mister Twist never appears in blog form, and here he is three times in a row, as a distant ornament to sofa cushions, with his new-found hog-flesh and now in his wedding toggery.(You can tell I'm catching up on my blog reading!)

    You two look great (of course!) and I have to admire your daring in clutching a chocolate wand for that long while wearing a white dress! I think I would have just eaten it at the first sign of melting.