Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chugging along

A few pics, proof I've been working hard and not at all sitting on my bottom eating bonbons all day (as much as I'd like to.)

Some fairy houses almost ready for installation on the 'fairy tour'.

The wee folk have been into my sewing stash again!

New towns are popping up everywhere.

And I've finally lost my mind and given a town in a teacup it's own little cottage in an acorn cap ;)

Here's a few pretty pics from the garden. They fib a little because there's just a patch of flowers here and there at the moment, but one day I will have a whole meadow of pretty things.



  1. Magic is everywhere at your house. :) Love the new pieces!

  2. Plain, simply and the honest truth...I LOVE WHAT YOU MAKE!!! You bring such happiness into my world with your creations and what you refer to as your little bits of silliness. Thank you for doing what you do, truly...


  3. I seriously don't know which is lovelier...the flower photos, or the incredible teeny worlds you make.

    And on the bon-bons: I save time and just tape them directly on my ass. The end result is the same, and you get more done.