Friday, August 17, 2012

Jaida in the Grass

Here's the other painting I've been working on. It's a portrait of one of my very favourite little people, the little sister of D's best buddy.

"Jaida in the Grass" Acrylic on canvas. 16" x 24"

I've got one more painting in mind but I think I may attempt it in oils. I hate oils and they rarely work well for me but the image I have in mind would really work best with that lovely (though frustrating) stuff.


  1. lovely paintings, the light is just yum.

    so what is it about oils you don't like? Oil is one of my favourite mediums but the solvents are pretty tricky to work with when there are little folk around.

    I was fortunate enough to have an instructor who was a master with oils in my first year of painting.

  2. Wow...this is really great. Nicely done! (And cute wee featherless biped.)

  3. Hi Nichola, Another fantastic piece of art coming from you....oOOHHH to have your talent.......

    Take care,