Thursday, September 27, 2012

Feelin' Lucky

Okay, not really, because Lucky is a person and that would be inappropriate.

Rebecca, over at Impresario Artisan Market, held her grand opening last week and Lucky Jackson was there showing her work. Lucky has just finished an impressive embriodery feat, finishing 365 pieces, in one year. Her work is wonderful, vibrant and quirky. It's full-o-joy and something special and she's super nice too.

Check out Lucky Jackson's ETSYWEB365 LUCKY DAYS

If you're ever near Cobourg, you really should stop in at Impresario. I'm telling ya, if etsy had a retail store this would be it. Rebecca has done such a great job of filling the place with fine Canadian contemporary crafts and art. Hop over to 37 King Street West, Cobourg if you can... and if you come in October you can take a gander at my silly things which will be in the gallery for October ;)