Sunday, September 16, 2012

Progress on the abandoned house...

This morning I've been making dollhouse kit furniture with Big D. It's all a big ugly but that's ok because it'll be going in the abandoned house.

Here's some progress from the last day or so...

Inside, the floors have been worked on a bit more and the walls have been given a thin layer of messy plaster. The walls will probably have stains and potion splatter eventually. At this point I start shoving things inside to see if they fit and to wrap my head around what will be going where and to generate ideas.

I covered the exterior of the house in a layer of sewing paper tissue. I really like the look that it gives... a sort of wrinkly, crinkly skin.

When that set I applied layers of paint and wiped them off to gunge up the joint. This will be refined as I continue to work on the place.

It's coming along quite spookily!