Monday, September 24, 2012

Strange things afoot!

Besides the usual disappearance of my scissors and glue, there has been rather a lot of faerie activity about the place over the past week or so. I keep catching glimpses of  movement at the corner of my eye (most certainly a sign of faerie activity) and hearing odd noises in odd places. There is a general feeling of anticipation around 'the hill' not diminished by the winds of change that are blowing through and making all the trees 'creeeeeaaak'.

Today, the chickens were being particularly loud and when I went to investigate I spied something in the back field. I quickly grabbed the dog and took a jaunt across the little bridge.

Upon closer inspection I discovered a small camp on the mossy lawn next to the poison ivy!

This seems a rather different breed of fae than our usual inhabitants. The camp was not well hidden at all and provides the most basic shelter. The trees just to the left would surely give more protection than those little tents.

I'll keep my eyes open and report back any findings.