Friday, September 14, 2012

The Abandoned House

I've started work on my next little house. This one isn't so little. At around 20 x 21 x 10 it's a monster compared to my other wee places. This one also differs in that it's a reno.

This house was salvaged from the side of the road by my mum and granny. My (almost) 80 year old gran was kicked out of the van to scoop it up before the garbage men sentenced it to certain doom. Part of me wonders how on earth people discard things like this, as though they've got no worth. I can't imagine anyone would deny most little girls would jump at the chance to love on a nice big doll house. Heck, most of the grown women I know would kick me in the shin to get at this house!

This one also differs in that I've only got two weeks to get it ready for showing off! Eek! Thankfully I'll be going for a sort of Halloweeny look so wobbles and imperfection will be just fine.

I've started by ripping out the interior. Notice that blue carpet in the upper right room? When pulled up it revealed a red carpet which had been installed by Satan's minions, flying monkeys and Voldemort because the damned thing would not come up.

After hacking,  pulling, blowing up my hair drier and very nearly breaking the whole damned thing this was the best I could manage. What to do with a lumpy floor? Egg carton stones!

I know a stone floor on the second floor of a cottage doesn't exactly make sense but sense is highly over-rated... especially when you've got a two week deadline.

I'm waiting for it to dry up a bit before I go any further with the inside but I'm pretty pleased with the transformation so far :)

Now if I can just figure out what the heck to do with the exterior....