Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Morehouse Loops Scarf Review

A while ago (okay, a LONG while ago) I was asked if I'd like to try a Morehouse Farm Knitting Kit. I'm not much of a knitter (more of a disaster with needles really) so I figured a scarf would be the safest bet. I picked this Loops Scarf project since it looked the easiest, and the least likely to cause a meltdown.

The kit comes with two balls of Merino yarn and an instruction/care card. This kit didn't come with needles so I had to wing it with a slightly smaller than suggest set I had on hand.

The pattern for this particular scarf was very easy and forgiving (thank the heavens). I was able to  pick up and put down the project several times. If I found myself with five minutes and fidgety hands it was easy peasy to pick it up and just do a few rows right where I left off.

The finished product? I like it... a lot. I have a similar knitted scarf that I wear all the time but if I'm going indoors it gets a bit warm. This has a lovely weight and doesn't seem to get to that "too hot! must take off!" stage. The scarf isn't flyaway weight though, and drapes nicely. Best of all? It's super soft and not itchy in the least.

The pattern required switching of yarn weights and says to clip the tails off but I rather liked those dangly bits and left them loose. In the end, I actually like my finished scarf more than product shot and THAT my friends is proof positive of a pretty darned good knitting experience.

Now that my confidence has been boosted these BigWrap Knit Kits look pretty tempting...